Lindsay Rodabaugh Creative


Content Creation
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Concept Development
Lifestyle & Travel Photography
Project Management


Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premier Pro)

Google Sketch-Up

Keynote / Powerpoint

Public Speaking / Presenting

Teamwork / Attitude / Enthusiasm

Rumor Has It...

“Lindsay is a talented designer who is able to work under pressure and takes great pride in her work. She exhibits extreme attention to detail no matter how small or large the project. She has a great can-do attitude and overall is a pleasure to work with. At Christie’s she was able to create impactful and engaging exhibition materials and displays often with little direction from the art departments. She was always able to handle short timelines and limited budget without compromising on design or quality. Lindsay can work independently but also is collaborative and a great asset to the greater teams. She is respected within marketing and design departments as well as the operational and art departments at Christie’s.”

Stacey Sayer

International Creative Director at Christie's

“Lindsay’s work speaks for itself. This ( is an API integration that she set up that connected Twilio & our customer service platform. The integration is now used by companies around the world, and Intercom actually tweeted her API.”

Jeff Pan Start-Up Founder

“I was always taught that everyone was replaceable including myself. Work hard and stay humble no matter how good you may actually be. In this one instance, I have to disagree with that thought. Lindsay was far from replaceable. Her capabilities alone whether it be graphically or hand crafted she is one in a million with standards off the chart and a work ethic that can’t possibly be taught. Capabilities aside, Lindsay has an incredible personality for any work environment. The perfect combination of positive, inspiring and collaborative. I honestly cant say enough about her.”

Barb Salzman

Owner of Hatch Creative Studio

“Lindsay is one of the most enthusiastic, motivated and hard working persons I have had the pleasure to work with. It was a joy to have her as an intern, when she had just come to New York and was at F.I.T. Our group missed her when her internship was complete, as she brought a bright fresh smile everyday. In addition, she was a fast learner, someone who took pride in her work and was diligent to complete the task. We were very lucky to have her help us. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone considering her for employment.”

Richard Shief

Director at Calvin Klein Jeans